Learning is really a Continuous Process – Are You Currently Learning?

Learning is really a Continuous Process – Are You Currently Learning?

Learning is really a Continuous Process – Are You Currently Learning?


The majority of you will concur beside me, basically say, “Learning is really a Continuous Process” but many individuals can come toward chop my mind off, basically state that, “A lot of us don’t learn”. Well, that’s the truth. As reported by the survey made by Virgin Management Consultancy 83% of individuals stop learning after obtaining Publish Graduation or any Degree Greater than might 91.5% of individuals stop learning after you have a piece experience with 5 years. (Sample size : 53,672 people. Survey Completed in Seven Major Cities in India, Parts Of Asia, USA, United kingdom, Germany and Australia).

With regards to this short article, we have to redefine the word “Learning”. Studying Newspapers, Magazines, Listening News, Obtaining Levels isn’t Learning. So, exactly what does learning contain:

Use of theory

Use of studying

Maturity in thinking and making decisions

Learning from your errors (Not Repeating the Mistakes)

Gaining knowledge from experience (Others and Yours)

This stuff contain learning. If you’re doing these things, then you’re known as like a “Learned Person”.

Consider the following occurrences

1) How frequently would you hear, your folks or perhaps your elders suggesting, “I’ve come across the world, I don’t have to study from you”?

2) How frequently would you see inside your office or perhaps in professional circles where your manager as well as your seniors say, “The actual fact that i’m your manager is really a proof that i’m learned. I haven’t got to understand of your stuff”?

3) We sometimes see something on tv, Movies as well as our neighbourhood so we exclaim, “wow, this type of wonderful person, doing this type of great factor” but with regards to application or gaining knowledge from that incident, we simply ignore.

4) We sometimes say something try not to apply.

5) A couple may be doing same factor inside a in an identical way however when I’m doing something, it’s right but when someone does exactly the same factor, he’s wrong.

Fundamental essentials enough proofs that people don’t learn.

Good and bad Learning

Learning could be good and bad. When we see a problem so we adept it, that’s known as negative learning and when we have seen something good and exercise it, that’s known as as positive learning. Allow me to share one story along with you, that we read in a single magazine.

“There have been two siblings. One was nice, thriving in existence and career. He was respected within the society in most cases appreciated by buddies and individuals around him. His family was very caring and supportive.

However, his brother, who had been also residing in exactly the same colony but wasn’t thriving in existence. He was alcoholic, drug abuser, sleep around along with other females. He use to conquer his wife and kids and employ to battle with almost everybody.

Eventually couple of people from the colony considered asking both of these siblings that though you’re born to same parents, the way you are rods apart inside your conduct and attitude. They requested the “bad brother” and that he responded, “After I was kid, my dad was alcoholic, use to conquer us, use to rest around along with other ladies. So, obviously, I’m his boy and therefore such as this. The best way to expect me to become good?” Then these folks requested another brother…the “Good Brother”. He stated, “After I was kid, my dad was alcoholic, use to conquer us, use to rest around along with other ladies. But, I figured and made the decision that I won’t do in order to my family what he did to all of us”.

So, the thing is learning could be positive in addition to negative. It can be you. What you would like to understand? That jogs my memory that because the culture is altering in India. Individuals are be open within their attitude, getting multiple relations isn’t an issue, one evening stand, partying, boozing…getting luxuries lifestyle isn’t new so we here the elders that his generation has become western. Why? Why we’re taking bad things using their culture? Could they be getting bad characteristics only? Why we’re not learning positive things? Individuals individuals are more systematic, more process oriented, less corrupt, better, easier…why cannot we learn individuals things?


You’ve 25 experience You’ve N quantity of levels You’re being employed as a Chief executive officer in a single company are these reasons large enough to you like a “Learned Person”. No age, No training, No designation is very large enough to prevent you from learning. The first is likely to learn not just everyday but every moment of every day. Your day you stop learning may be the day you stop living. You can study out of your past encounters from people surrounding you from nature all small-tiny problems that occurs surrounding you. Your learning shows inside your conduct your opinions your reaction to particular situation how you treat other individual.

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