The application rejection rate for H1B visa increases sharply, so foreign students should make early plans

The application rejection rate for H1B visa increases sharply, so foreign students should make early plans

Throughout the fiscal year 2020 h1b visa (also known as h1b签证) application number, only five days to reach full degree, as the end of march, in the first quarter of 2019 declined nearly a third of h1b new application and up to 18% of the renewal application, its numerical high in nearly a decade, rejections spurt and rising momentum of two for international students to pursue their education outside alone would be worse. H1b visa is becoming more and more difficult to apply for, and the pressure on overseas students is also becoming more and more serious. It has even become an ever-present trouble, because once the application fails, it will be difficult to stay in the United States.

Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple, which are known as “American technology giants,” have reached new peaks in their H1B refusal rate for new applications this year. Facebook’s new refusal rate for this year’s new application has also reached 3%. At the same time, people feel helpless and have to be soberly aware that the situation of H1B this year is extremely severe. Under such a big environment, where to go in the United States has become an urgent problem to be solved. Many people come to the United States with a dream and don’t want to have to go back to their home country because of visa problems. It was a terrible feeling.

It is understood that international students who want to stay in the United States must first obtain an offer from a company or a company. According to statistics from previous years, the IT industry is the largest and the software engineer is the largest company in helping companies apply for the largest number of H1Bs. There are also more people who have applied for data with data scientists, followed by the Big Four and financial institutions and various consulting companies. However, looking at the first quarter data, these categories of industries that are very popular in H1B applications have also slipped, and the refusal rate is equally worrying. This puts higher demands on the international students and tries to plan ahead. If you are not sure, you can entrust the h1b law firm (also known as h1b律所), such as GOH1B, Zeng Law Group (also known as 锦晖律师事务所) , Ying Cao law Firm (also known as 英卓律师事务所) , NYIS Law Firm (also known as 纽约小纽), etc.

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