The Main Difference Between Preaching And Teaching

The Main Difference Between Preaching And Teaching

What, or no, may be the distinction between preaching and teaching? Some preachers teach and a few teachers preach. Is really a lecture more preaching or perhaps a speech more teaching? I’m a pastor with nearly twenty years of preaching experience. I’ll make an effort to explain the main difference.

Like a pastor, the main difference is essential. I actually do teach. There’s without doubt about this. However I am first of all a preacher from the Gospel of Jesus. The simple truth is I actually do speaking in public 5-7 occasions per week. Half being preaching and half being teaching.

This is actually the difference the bottom line is along with a more in depth explanation to follow along with:

Preaching – Is attempting to affect an individual’s thinking by attractive to an individual’s heart.

Teaching – Is attempting to affect an individual’s heart by attractive to their thinking.


Like a preacher, I have faith that certain facts have to be applied immediately. It simply may save an individual’s marriage, prevent a teen from just as one addict, which help nudge an individual from falling into crime. A sermon, therefore, is definitely an attract the center, the feelings, and also the soul of the person.

There’s lots of passion in preaching. It’s designed this way purposely. It seeks to fireplace the emotional drive of the person that is frequently the origin in our desires. The Bible talks about this if this states:

Proverbs 18:1 Through need a man, getting separated themself, seeketh and intermeddleth with all of knowledge.

Desire is exactly what drives us. It is the reason why a painter effective, what drives an entrepreneur to success, a sports athlete to become a star, a young child to obtain straight A’s. Preaching is supposed to fuel good desires. To instill desires in youthful individuals to be pure before marriage, to construct desires in married people to possess a more powerful marriage, to inspire godly and holy desires!

This is exactly what preaching sets to do. Many, lots of people can indicate a sermon because the level within their desires, the building blocks of the decisions to prevent a specific crime, to begin some service for God, in order to live a much better existence.

In secular circles, this is whats called motivational speaking. It’s preaching, simply not on godly topics. Politicians will frequently preach within their speeches. They are attempting to get individuals to election on their behalf or some agenda, plus they attract an individual’s feelings and needs to do this.

Like a pastor, I have found that preaching is really a tremendous tool to assist instill godly desires in people.


Also like a Pastor, I have faith that certain facts have to be ingrained inside a person’s understanding to be able to perform individuals facts well. This is achieved through teaching. While preaching can produce a desire to behave a thief doesn’t completely understand-this is often both good or bad, with respect to the desire-teaching tries to reason having a person’s mind.

Teaching is definitely the evidence, isn’t emotional, attracts the intellect, and offers you aren’t a variety of angles of understanding. It always doesn’t accomplish quick alterations in an individual’s behavior, like preaching can, but it starts to permit a good foundation where behavior is directed.

A lot of things have to be trained to ensure that these to be achieved or implemented well. Without teaching around the mechanics, the why’s, where’s, when’s, and how’s, the building blocks of the passionate Christian is definitely eroded. Jesus did both. He trained and that he preached.

Allow me to give a good example. A warm sermon on prayer may instill and make up a need to pray within the layman. But with no teaching regarding how to pray, his desire goes unfulfilled. And with no hot sermon, he might not have as strong of the need to pray even when he’s been trained to wish.

The disciples of Jesus understood this. Jesus had instilled a wish to wish, however they lacked the understanding regarding how to achieve this. So, they requested Jesus to teach them:

Luke 11:1 – Also it found pass, that, because he was praying inside a certain place, as he stopped, certainly one of his disciples stated unto him, Lord, teach us to wish, as John also trained his disciples.

A college lecture, is teaching. It’s frequently boring to students because there’s virtually no emotional appeal. Still, teaching is important.


Both of them are important. Both preaching and teaching are required to develop a solid Christian existence. Within our church, our services are divided almost equally between preaching and teaching. Individuals need the best desires and also the understanding regarding how to direct individuals desires.

Greg S. Baker is really a Pastor, Counselor, and Author focusing on building and strengthening relationships.

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