Walking the tight rope or self-evaluation essays

Walking the tight rope or self-evaluation essays

Performance reviews and self-evaluation essays are two things that do not sit well with employees. Regardless of that, each year, employees in most places of work are requested to write an essay evaluating themselves and the value they think they have added to the company.

This is a very tight rope to walk. You don’t want your essay to sound too boastful nor do you want to be too modest and perpetuate the idea that you have not been adding any value to your employer. This can be quite challenging and some resort to hiring professional  writers to do the job, which in itself is not a bad idea. You got to do what you have to do.

A self-evaluation is not altogether the harbinger of evil. It presents an opportunity for you to reveal your positive sides and show your employer your worth in the company. It is an opportunity to toot your own horn (just not too much).


Digging up a little does not hurt – There is no point in submitting an essay that is formatted correctly. Find out what the format of writing self-evaluation essays is in your company, if it is your first time doing it. You can then start tailoring your essay to that format.

Keep notes – A self-evaluation is an annual thing in most places. Keep a journal or a notebook where you can document the various achievements and challenges you go through in the course of the year. Frankly, it will be hard to remember these off head when the time to write an evaluation comes. If you haven’t been keeping one, your memory will have to be your strongest ally in this hour of need.

The measure of value – In different organizations, the value of an employee is measured differently. A sales-person will be judged by the number of sales made. An IT expert will be judged by how well they managed the organization network and how they kept organizational data safe. Know your place and what is expected of you. Your job description can help in understanding what is expected of you.

Writing the essay

Once you’ve collected the data that you need to start evaluating yourself. Here are a few tips to help you along the way;

          Be proud of your contributions

Self-evaluation essays are an opportunity to show your good side to your employers. Highlight all the tasks, projects or activities that you took part in and the success that was attributed to these activities. Highlight how you contributed to these successes and how they were beneficial to the company. If your department had a target or mission, explain how you contributed to that end. You need to show your superior that you are not a free-loader in the company.

          Be honest, be critical

A self-evaluation essay is not an essay that you just state how well your year went and all the accomplishments you made over the year. It also involves acknowledging that you messed up at some time of the year, you came up short or you failed to meet a certain objective.

Outline these mistakes as opportunities for growth. These are areas that you need to improve on and you can outline to your superior how you did this or how you intend to do it.

          Employ Professionalism

The self-evaluation essay is not an opportunity to bash your boss and how overbearing they are or their poor leadership skills.

Professionality is about giving credit where its due and finding proper avenues to address issues in the work place. Reflect carefully on the essay, spellcheck and proofread the essay or ask a professional to do it for you. You are in a work environment. Not middle school. Remember to also back up your statements with evidence. It is unprofessional to peddle rumors.

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